“I Make ₦20k₦40k Weekly in Pure Profit Selling Human Hair Without Looking for Customers or Spending a Dime on Ads



You simply deliver products we sell to you at wholesale prices to buyers we ALSO send to you within your neighborhood. You keep the profit.

We Have Limited Slots: We only accept a number of distributors per city. So that we can serve them better.

Why You Should Join Our Distributorship Program

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Our goal at Jifywigs is to be able to HELP thousands of people create a stream of income for themselves and their families. So today, JOIN our distributorship Program, and LET’S GO MAKE SOME MONEY!

In 3 simple steps...

Step 1:

We’ll get a fast-moving product. You simply have to buy a certain minimum based on Your Chosen Plan.

Choose A Plan:

Step 2:

We run Marketing and Send you Buyers

Next, we go a step further to market the products at retail prices and send you ready buyers closer to your location. That way you deliver with less stress and costs. 

Step 3:

You Deliver, Take Cash & Keep The Profits

All you need do is call and deliver the order at the retail price we set, take cash on delivery and keep the profits (usually 50%-80% profit).


and retrieve our products if we’re un-able to send you buyers within the next 30 days.


Who's this program for?

This Program is NOT for;

Can You Really Make ₦20,000 Weekly?

The Short Answer is YES.

And Here’s how…

Say we sell you 10pcs of a product at ₦20,000 wholesale price.

We then run marketing at a retail price of ₦24,000 (i.e. ₦4,000 profit per sale)

What we’ve observed is on average, our distributors are able to deliver between 7-15 orders each week.

If you multiply 10pcs by ₦4,000, that will result in ₦40,000 weekly.

Say we deliver only 7pcs that week, you still got ₦4,000 x 7 = ₦28,000

Can we really send you at least 7 orders weekly?

With our experienced team of marketers, YES, WE CAN.


Before you APPLY for a slot

You MUST Fully Agree That;

If you tick YES to these, then hurry;

Apply for a SLOT Today!

About Jifywigs Distributorship Program

Jifywigs has experience in all ranges of hair and hair care products. We pride ourselves as a prestigious hair company and training institute. Jifywigs offers affordable quality hair, delivered to your doorstep. Headquartered in Lagos Nigeria, we offer a wide variety of hairs and weaves for any woman that takes pride in her hairstyle.
To achieve these, we became one of the most successful hair businesses that sell and import high valued products to satisfy our lyal customers.
Using our distributorship program, we are building a hyperlocal win-win network of distributors across the continent.
It’s a win-win because our distributors make money from distribution without looking for buyers or spending money running adverts. We only have to focus on product research, market analysis, manufacturing, importation, and of course, marketing (getting lots of interested buyers).
Simply put:

HELP US deliver products to buyers within your city AND earn at least ₦20,000 weekly in profits without looking for customers.

We market fast selling products, get in customers, you deliver and keep full profit. Making you monthly cash flow, just by delivering little items to buyers close to you.

It's the easiest thing after A B C.

Have Some Question?

Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions

I'm Not A Tech Person, Can I Do This?

Yes. As long as you use a smartphone, you can make calls and deliver items within your city, then you can do this.

Will Customers Be Really Sent to Me?

Yes, we will.

Here’s why; We want you to sell as fast as possible so you can purchase more. Cause we all make more money when we sell. So, if we don’t send you buyers, how do we make more money? You see…

Who Pays For Delivery Costs To Customers?

You do. And yes it’s still VERY profitable.
First, we send customers pretty close to you such that you spend very little on transport.
Secondly, your profit on each sale is big enough to accommodate whatever cost you’ll incur. For example, in Lagos, our distributors spend at most ₦20,000 to deliver goods to 40persons. That leaves them with at least ₦40,000 pure profits.

How Long Does It Take To Get Refund If I Don't Get Customers?

If we for whatever reasons can’t send you customers within 30 days, we will request products returned back and get your FULL capital sent to you that same day. Items will be sent to a distributor in another area where there’s better demand. NO HARD FEELINGS.

What Products Are To Be Distributed?

When you contact us on WhatsApp and apply, we’ll ask for your location and recommend a product for you. Then start sending you buyers to sell them off.

How Long Before I Get My Goods After Payment?

Between 2 – 4 working days.

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