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… Either you’re an existing or New Seller, This Training is For YOU!

If Making 300k Plus In Pure Profit Every Single Month Is A Goal For You Then You’ve Come To The Right Place…

Many of us have set resolutions from the beginning of the year about how we should make more money and be happier and settled.

The truth is, making any money at all needs some smart work or hard work.

Hair business is a huge industry in Nigeria and is really a profitable business, because  of the high standard of living, (and high standard placed on beauty), Women now take better care of their appearance & never stop evolving to become more beautiful or never stop striving for perfection.

At present, not only top brands can sell hairs, even individual can make tons of cash from reselling hair.

So this is the RIGHT TIME for you to grab this great opportunity to start earning good amount of money every single month and be financially free.

Dear Friend,

If you want to learn how to position yourself as a top brand in the hair business and crush your competition… and discover a simple system to attracting floods of highly serious and targeted buyers that’ll beg to buy your product… PLUS learn the magic method top hair sellers use to get paid even if the products isn’t available yet… If you really want to learn these, then I urge you to set everything else aside and study every word on this page as if your life depends on it.

Because the truth is…

The success of your business does.

My name is Juliet Chiazor,

I’m the MD/CEO of Jifywigs, and I’ve been in the hair business for over two years, with thousands of satisfied customers and testimonies dropping in every single day…

With my experience thus far, I can confidently tell you that my systems and strategies have proven that YOU or anyone serious about this business, can make at least 300k every month in profit.

And I’ve taken time to document all the steps to take in order to achieve this, whether you’re single, married or about to be married. I’ve put together a 2-months session that highlights my experience and the working strategies to create a profitable hair business online.

This session takes you from the beginning beginning of running a hair business through to your startup and onwards. I will be on hand to offer proven and tested secrets in this business and to answer all questions as they arise as we go on this journey together.

The whole session will run for about 8 weeks as we follow step by step in creating a very profitable hair business structure that can create steady income flow for you (whether you have a job or not)

Who's This Training For?

This training isn’t for everyone, I must tell you… It’s strictly for you;

  • If  you’re confused about the hair business and need solution FAST…
  • If your income is less than 300k every month as profit
  • If you’re not sure you’re the boss or your supplier
  • If your supplier is not giving you what you need
  • If you are just starting out in the hair business
  • If you’re thinking of starting this business

My dear, don’t start without this program…

Think about this for a second… What will an extra 300k – 500k every single month do to you? Like, think about the kind of lifestyle you’ll be living…

In my opinion…

With ₦300k Plus As Monthly Profit from Your Hair Business, You Should Be Able To Command The Kind Of Lifestyle You Want to Live.


Look at what other resellers are saying…


“I chose Jifywigs firstly cause she’s trustworthy. Secondly, she’s honest, calm and a reliable person. She’s the best I have seen so far.

Jifywigs helped my business due to her reliability. I now have more people who are interested in buying and her hairs are beautiful and at affordable rate.”Onoseme Yoma from Bayelsa/Lagos (schools in Bayelsa; lives in Lagos)



GENUINENESS: The first day I saw Jifywigs Page on Facebook, I decided to try if she’s not going to be the regular scam, but to my greatest surprise, she was so genuine that I don’t think I can buy hair from anyone else apart from her and she’ sells good hair. I have never complained of what she gives me.

Jifywigs has made sure that whenever I order hair, I get it sooner than later, and my customers are always happy with whatever I give them.”Annie Makurdi/Onitsha



“I was a newbie to hair business, so I needed an experienced person so I choose you Jify. And ever since till now, I have been able to know a lot of things. Now, I can tell if it’s 100% or not, if it’s double drawn or super. You have really helped me grow in this business and I am gratefulToyosi from Lagos



I chose Jifywigs cause they’re trusted online shop. And you sell dope hair at affordable pricesCyndi from PH



“I was a newbie to hair business, so I needed an experienced person so I choose you Jify. And ever since till now, I have been able to know a lot of things. Now, I can tell if it’s 100% or not, if it’s double drawn or super. You have really helped me grow in this business and I am gratefulChristabel from Sapele


These are just few…

So if you are struggling to start and build a successful business in the hair industry, and you’ve not been able to get it standing… Trust me, IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT!

Because many top hair sellers out there WILL NOT GIVE OUT THEIR SECRETS, and if you decide to pay the HEAVY Amount they’re requesting from you, there is a 100% chance that YOU WILL BE LIED TO…

Today I’m going to expose the BIG SECRETS, and give you a REAL solution to create the future you and your family deserve.

I want you to IMAGINE a beautiful story…

Imagine fresh quality prospects coming to YOU every single day, week and month, who are interested in your products and ready to BUY & FROM YOU…

And I want you to IMAGINE this beautiful moment when your business grows right from the comfort of your home leveraging the most powerful invention of our time, the internet…

If this sounds good to you, well my friend you are in the right place, and this masterclass could change your life forever… but it’s not for everybody!


You To An Intensive 8 Weeks Digitally Streamed Masterclass That Will Take You From BEGINNER Starting A Successful Hair Business And Make OVER 300k Monthly, Without Worrying About Owning A Physical Location!

What You'll Learn In This Mentorship Program



  • How to Set up your hair Business to succeed FAST…
  • How to start from the bottom and grow your business to become a top seller in the hair industry.
  • The best way to create daily contents that’ll keep people’s attention
  • How to brand your business in the 21st century
  • How to manage hair emergencies before delivery
  • How to avoid The BIGGEST mistakes that are making many to fail and quit the hair business



How much is hitting the TOP rank in the hair business going to cost you? Do you want to follow the lane of those struggling hair sellers who are on the verge of quitting their business? because they don’t have an opportunity for someone to teach and guide them to success.
How many more hours are you willing to waste on social media away from your family with strategies that don’t convert into sales? 

Think about it for a minute… There’s little or No chance anyone can succeed in this business WITHOUT a real and proven Top Earner Marketing Guide and Training.

So, if you ask me, NOTHING is too big to Invest in yourself and your business.


to Start Getting More Customers and Sales that’ll Grow YOUR Hair Business!


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TAKE ACTION with all you’ll learn to start getting quality buyers to YOUR products and grow your business to 6-7 figures as monthly profit!


The decision is now...


“I chose Jifywigs because they are fast, reliable and honest, and Jifywigs has also helped my business, thanks to all of you at JifywigsChristabel from Sapele



“I chose Jifywigs because of quality. And non of my clients has ever complained about the wigsShola from Abeokuta


Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Its An Intensive 8 Weeks Digitally Streamed Masterclass That Will Take You From BEGINNER Starting A Successful Hair Business And Make OVER 300k Monthly, Without Worrying About Owning A Physical Location!

It’s simple, click the ‘Get Started’ Button Above to Make Payments, Then You’ll Be Directed To The Members Area on OUR  INSTAGRAM PRIVATE GROUP Where The Training Will Be Holding.

You can either pay using your ATM (Visa or MasterCard) though a very secure payment processor, Paystack. Or you can do a bank tranSfer to OUR CORPORATE BANK ACCOUNT (Details on the next page). 

Absolutely! If you take action with all the SECRETS, METHODS and STRATEGIES I’m going to be sharing with you, you’ll be able to start and grow your business to 6 and 7 figures in monthly profit.

In the next 8 weeks from now, I will be taking you by the hand and showing you how me and my students have been able to grow our business from NOTHING to 7-figures. So, if you’re ready to START NOW, click the button above to get started immediately!

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